Wow! Well, I still don’t believe it, me in a choir. What’s it all about; breathing, so you can pitch and hold a note; timing, so you can sing in harmony, diction; learning the words so you can express yourself. Helen is someone we are lucky to have, she is attentive and passionate, using her talents to encourage and develop our skills individually and as a group.  We sing, because we enjoy it.  The choir competition at St James the Greater, was something else.

Best regards, Brian


My wife who is a member of the choir asked me if I would join. Not confident of my voice or whether the choir would be appropriate for an old jazz jiver I said no. Then I went to see them perform and was so impressed I asked if I could be apart of the group. I need not have worried about my voice because Helen, our leader, has the ability to take our group of 30 and perform wonders, with her knowledge, to create a choir with up to four part harmonies. It is hard work during practice but Helen has the knack of mixing quality of performance with humour. This has manifested in a group who have become friends who encourage each other and combine the singing with a lot of fun. We finish on a high.

Hugs from us both x


Monday night; rehearsals with a clear goal in sight are one of the highlights of the week. You manage to control 30+ individuals and fashion us into a choir that makes a really good sound. This leaves us singing and humming all week with a song in our hearts, and a real creative feeling in our lives…



Joining the Burton Overy choir has really enhanced my life in so many directions. I have a long term condition called lupus which prevents me from partaking in many leisure activities. However I love singing and with Helen’s encouragement I have really enjoyed so much about being a member of a choir. Helen makes learning about music fun. I have seen great improvement in my lung capacity problems and the most important thing is that I have made many valuable friends, especially in Helen.

To take part in We Sing for Hope was a tremendous experience. It was an opportunity to put a lot of learning and fun into our preparation for the event. But it was also a tremendous opportunity to be able to feel that I could give back to a very, very important charity which has supported so much vital work in the locality and far beyond.

On a personal level it was so special for me to be able to physically take part in that event with all the physical limitations of having Lupus. Helen has always encouraged me to feel a full member of the choir even though I have to make allowances for my condition,

Best wishes, Christine


Singing in a choir is a wonderful thing to be part off. Singing is so good for the soul and there’s an immense satisfaction in learning your part of a song and hearing it all come together as a communal team effort! It’s spine tingling when we get it right! And the added bonus is the social side and making genuine new friends… It’s really worthwhile making the effort in a busy life to become part of a choir and to sing for yourself and others – I can guarantee a buzz!

Helen is motivated, knowledgeable and very patient. She has grown our choir from nothing to a team of regular, committed, team members and encourages us all to work hard to come together as a choir and sound amazing!

Carolyn x